Velouria (velouria) wrote,


I was parked on the street I normally am trying to do my homework that I should've done the previous night. For some reason, I must find it to be a more economic use of time to do homework during the first ten minutes of class in my car than in my room at night. Yeah.
But anyway the point is, I am trying to read some god awful essay by some self rightous philosopher whose every sentence goes on for a page, and the house I'm parked in front of is blaring that 867-5309 song really loud. Not just somewhat loud, but horrifyingly loud. I was trying so hard to concentrate. But all I could think of was Jenny. I wanted to get out and tell the person in there that it's illegal in 3 states to play Tommy Tutone anymore. Especially at that volume. And this is one of those states.
But, I didn't.
This was the other day, anyway. Right now I am without a car. It's supposed to be done at 3:00. Currently, it is 10 minutes to three. Somehow, I don't think it's going to be done by three. It must be done by 6:00 however. So that I may go to work.
Because I just can't wait to go to work, I have looked forward to it all day.
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