Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Foxy Foxy.

Architect asked me if I watched "the game" Sunday, and I just shook my head no at him like a deaf mute. He looked wounded and continued out the door. How terroristic he must think I am to have not watched the Superbowl. I could have at least pretended to care. I could've gazed at him adoringly while he told me about some stupid E-Trade baby commercial long enough for him to finish talking about football and clear his desk of those architect rolls of paper and throw me down on it. Damn. I promise to pay attention to the next sporting event I'm obligated to as a US citizen.

Some other architect told me to "slow down on my burrito" hours later. You're lucky I'm a deaf mute today, bucko.

Scheduling interviews for Lieutenant over the phone and I ask for their emails to confirm the appointments. Would it kill you to provide quasi-professional sounding email addresses, people? "Doctor and nurse @ yahoo dot," one candidate started to say.

"Are you the doctor or the nurse?" I interrupted him. He won a few points back by claiming to be the nurse in the equation.

I had my own interview with Parole today, and managed to get through it without puking on myself nor anyone on the panel. The dude manning the door has a calming effect on me, because he looks like Rob Zombie. I don't know if that's meant to scare away prospective aggro parolees or what, but I'm down.
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