Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Little People, Big World.

Today was Bring Your Spawn to Work Day, apparently. Each one that filed past my cubicle was enamored with all the fluorescent, immature crap I have plastered everywhere (stickers, stamps, magnets, feathers, voodoo dollies, King Kong pencil toppers on Halloween pencils, most of it pink). "You're preeetttyyy" one girl stopped the procession to say to me. I thanked her as a wave of giggles rippled through the rest of them.

This spawn needs to consult with Architect on things to say to me as he passes. His architect arsenal is very limited to questions about my weekend and telling me to wake up when he catches me yawning. He could use some help expanding it to include such talking points as "You're pretty" and "I yearn for you" and "Hold me, my wife just died."

Maybe there's a class.
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