Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Girls on Film

I have fans. Some guy writes me and asks me where my hair went. Did I cut it and dye it black? Pleeeease. I would sooner kill myself. That is my gothic person hair piece. I wear it when going to Hot Topic. When I get tired of being a silly gothic person, I remove it.
In related news, I have been stolen for someone's camportal pimp fest. I would write mean letters and swear at him, but he seems intelligent enough. And I have not seen any rampant porno anywhere. At least not in plain view. Like Sinnocence. God, I'm so ashamed. Everytime I go to her main page I cringe and start to cry. I think about my mom, the newly crowned internet addict, and know it is only a matter of time until she finds me there. She'll grab me by the shoulders and shake me around and cry, "This is what you're doing with your life?" She may even slap me.
I've practiced my speech. Mom, Sinnocence is a swell chick! Heh, she just likes the porn! And most importantly that I am not like all that. I only stare vapidly at my cam and tell anyone who inquires as to why I don't get naked to a. shut the fuck up. And b. direct them toward the fourteen year old above me.
Yawn. I'm sleepy. I think I shall hit the sack.
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