Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Survival of the Fetish.

Foot Fetish walked up and interrupted Architect's conversation with me about the sexual harassment training we're all being enrolled in to tell me he liked my shoes. "Do they hurt? Are they binding you? I dream of having a Chinese wife with bound feet. You know that scene in Kill Bill where Lucy Liu hops around in her tiny shoes and cuts that guys head off? God that's hot."

Of course this sent Architect running for the hills. I stood clutching a box of binder clips I'd been transporting from the supply cabinet into a moving box in disbelief. Flush with rage, I squeezed the box until the binder clips popped out and scattered across the floor. Ten working days. Ten working days to seduce Architect and this creep utterly destroys the clear in God gave me to do so (sexual harassment training).

I'm sorry your priest molested you in your youth and you now manifest it with your constant yammering about feet, but LEAVE ME OUT OF IT. This goes for anyone else in the same category. I'm not pouring candle wax on your nipples, either. Go get some goddamn hypnotherapy instead.
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