Velouria (velouria) wrote,

A Different Kind of Sunday Morning.

This weekend was pretty epic for me. Saturday I participated in a class to become certified at literacy tutoring. I'm not sure I should have been certified considering I spent at least 4 of the 8 hours nodding in and out of consciousness, but I was certified nevertheless. Pretty soon here, I begin the arduous task of teaching adults how to read and write. Scary, huh? "This week, we cover penning snarky entries in our Livejournals, asinine dating profiles on OkCupid, and suicide notes. Please follow closely."

After that, I stumbled back out into the daylight and went on a wee bike ride with the boyfriend. I have cuted up my red bike with a wicker basket and a ladybug bell. Ding ding. I didn't get a cruiser, because he told me that was retarded. After a few miles on the bike trail, I was glad I'd listened to him. He's good for pointing out what's retarded and what's not, this boy.

Today I woke up and did hoola hooping on a Wii Fit after completing an adorable Wii Me. Wii Me wears only pink and has more eye makeup on than any other Wii Me or whore I've ever seen in my life. Sweet.

Then we went on yet another bike ride in the opposite direction. While I'm not quite on the level of the people in tight shorty shorts with aerodynamic helmets who roar up behind me and yell, "ON YOUR LEFT" (Personally, I'd just ring the ladybug if I were capable of coming anywhere near anyone in speed), I think I'm doing quite well.

And, ahem.

I have not lost my edge.
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