Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Suicide Blonde.

This is probably highly insensitive of me, but you don't know her, so WTF. One of my coworker's emailed a suicidal note to our supervisor today. The supervisor called 911 and they sent the cops and an ambulance out to her place where they found her alive. Took her in for surveillance. Supervisor called a meeting to tell us all this (Sensitivity already breached).

Now, did I not tell you my job sucked? I was not lying. Look just how damn bad it sucks. People are trying to kill themselves to get away. Though I have to say, I've been suicidal plenty of times and it never occured to me to email my boss about it. Why, just today I was thinking about how I could end it all with the box cutter intended for supply orders that never come because the contracted company is in THE BAY AREA for God's sake, but I digress. A card went around for her that I hemmed and hawed over whether to sign, "Go toward the light, it's better there" in. I decided against it, despite the fact that I believe that.

You gotta buck up and go to your shitty job, because damn it, I do.
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