Velouria (velouria) wrote,

The Crying Game

Today was my first weep-free day. That is to say I wept all day every day until today. Midweek, I walked to Rite Aid and purchased tissues, a dry-erase board, and a picture frame. The dry-erase board is due to Personnel not having a giant In&Out board like I am used to putting my whereabouts on. Here, everyone has individual boards. I do not know if they also got them at Rite Aid, but the lady across from me laughed when she saw me peeling the plastic off mine. "You bought that?" she said.

"Yes," I answered, "everyone else has one."

She laughed again and disappeared into her cubicle. I dabbed my eyes and turned my attention to the picture frame. I'd had my boyfriend print out pictures of us the previous evening. I'd been sending him hourly updates on the status of my misery and he was being a good sport about it. I thought gazing upon our conjoined faces might make me cry less. Besides, another lady had inquired if a picture of my brother and I was a picture of my boyfriend and I, so I figured I'd better rectify that situation.

At any rate, I'm glad I acted like less of a fag today.
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