Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Suffer Well.

I projectile vommed all over myself and my car today. That's not going to help the resale value (of either of us). The day got worse and worse and my migraine progressed and progressed until I gathered my things and ran (trotted) to my car in the garage and started driving home. Then, whilst driving down busy busy 16th street, suddenly puked up my grilled cheese and cherry soda. All. Over. My. Car.

My boyfriend tells me I should've either puked out the window in front of everyone on 16th street or stopped and gotten out and puked in the bike lane in front of everyone on 16th street. He says he wouldn't have puked in his car. Well, you really don't know what you're going to do until you actually are faced with ralphing while driving. It's also difficult to navigate when hurling. Like a sneeze, your eyes sort of close. I'm surprised no one died. To my knowledge. I suppose I should watch the local news tonight.

Of course I have an interview tomorrow and I have to drive to it in, what else, my vommed-in car. I did my best to clean it, but you know it never goes away. I bank on looking fly and smelling nice to get me jobs since I've the interviewing skills of a deaf/mute. Does it really matter how fly I look tomorrow if I smell like puke? Fucking A.
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