Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Snow Patrol

Other than dealing with the aftermath of having yacked in my car the other week (don't puke in your car, kids) things are looking up. I'm on vacay this week and I found a new job at my old building. I start next Monday. Goodbye Personn(h)el(l). Goodbye downtown. Goodbye ugly, oppressive building. 100-dollar parking garage. Pedestrians. Bicyclists. Bums. Bitchy women. Ostrich ensembles. Phew. It's over.

So I went snowboarding. Sort of. I threw a bitch-fit during the lesson, asked her how to take my "Goddamn snowboard off," did so, and then stomped off down the hill I couldn't drag myself up that all the other 13 year-olds had effortlessly. When my boyfriend convinced me to put it back on, I continuously fell on my ass, which could possibly be broken now. I can't tell through all the layers of blubber.

My next excursion involves floating down the river in a yellow raft while getting drunk. I SHOULD be able to handle that, but I've yet to experience the great outdoors without erupting into heaving sobs (very early on, I might add).
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