Velouria (velouria) wrote,

That one night shift song.

I AM 20% GEEK.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

I don't work until Thursday. I am so elated. I can come home from school, crawl in bed, and die every afternoon until Thursday. There will be no looking presentable and heading out the door when I should be sleeping for three days.
The other day, I left my nametag at home on my Friday shirt. I saw Jennifer's old nametag sitting on the lockers. Jennifer was fired some time ago. So I shrugged and put on Jennifer's name tag. People were nicer to me. People perceived me as being a happier person. People said "Hi Jennifer!" all day. Guys even flirted with me more. Screw you people. I will have nothing to do with you when I am Colleen and even less to do with you when I am Jennifer. I'm going to utilize this for one of my Psych experiments.
I've still got to type my entire paper tonight. I have had since August 20th to do this. And I wait till now. I waited till today to write it too. It'll be so wonderful when I get to fall asleep tonight. Whatever time that will be.
Fuck, I bet my blinds are wide open. I think my neighbor has seen me in every various state of undress since he moved there in 98.

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