Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Oui Oui Waikiki.

I was in desperate need of pantyhose and/or liposuction this morning as I rooted around under my desk trying to plug in my phone charger. I couldn't fit into any of my pants this morning and so wore a skirt that also didn't fit and that was way too short and terribly unflattering. Crawling around on the floor with my ass up in the air was hardly an option, and yet I made it one.

"This is Colleen!" I heard my manager say as I cracked my head on the partition. I backed out as quickly as possible and turned to face him and some dude standing there.

"Hello," I said, surely blushing beneath five layers of makeup.

"This is the new director of something or other" (sic), my manager volunteered.

"Pleased," I replied, waiting patiently for them to leave so that I could pull my skirt down over my crotch.

They left and I resumed searching for flights to Hawaii all day. I plan to go to in November. That's been one of my goals for, oh, ever. I save so much money by living in a commune that it's finally become a reality.
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