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Lazy Sunday. Slept in. Watched a lesbian make overalls out of candy on Project Runway. Watched some Olympic swimming. Couldn't tell whether I was looking at dudes or ladies there.

Went to Targé and bought womanly sheets for once. Put them on while the boyfriend was out lifting heavy stuff. Drank a caramel apple martini and reloaded the Twitter and the Instagram.

Went to Chipotle and had an amazeballs burrito.

I think that brings us to about this point. I'm supposed to meditating 30 minutes a day. You think I could've fit that in somewhere between the Twitter and the Instagram, but I haven't managed. I am enjoying meditating in Psychic Class every Thursday, however.

Sleepy now. Reckon it's about bedtime.Will have to DVR the Kardashians.
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