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Heck No, Techno.

For someone who doesn't have any money, I sure spend a lot of it. Got my nails did today. Got my hair dyed "ultraviolet" yesterday. Bought a pink computer chair last night, which wasn't entirely unnecessary given that I've been sitting in an awful metal folding chair for 10 years. To see photographic evidence of any of this money wasting, refer to my Instagram. I post dumb pictures of dumb shit all day long.

Drinking cool coconut rum and pineapple this eve. The older I get, the more sleepy it makes me. Turned 31 on the 3rd. Went to the unfortunately named BJ's with the fam. Ordered a couple of fruity drinks and nearly nodded off in my giant pile of white cheddar mashed potatoes 5 minutes later. I'm no fun anymore. Haven't slapped a bouncer at a goth club in years.

Have lit all my candles and incense (yet another expenditure) and put on my ambient Moby, who is a sadsack on Twitter, by the way. Most of his posts, which are about world atrocities, originate from his position in a graveyard. But I love his music, anyway. I will probably fall asleep to it within two hours.

Back to werk tomorrow. My website has not yet made me famous enough to quit. Farkity.
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