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Old Skool 2.

April 6, 2010

Tuesday. Someone threw candy all over my counter. Well, I don't know if "threw" is the correct verb, but they were scattered about. I doubt it was anyone I'm interested in boning, but for positivity's sake, I'll hold on to hope. Architect is lovely in white and he remembered his keycard. Shoot, no kissing fee. I'll have to think of something else, or alternatively, do some sort of work today. Balls. My options are work on The Horrible List, walk to the fridge to put generic fruit punch and water I don't even intend to drink in it, or stare into the sun. I probably have time for all three. Currently I'm looking through the sperm-shaped floater in my eye at Parking Lot Judd Nelson saunter down the parking lot.

At least it's sunny. Maybe I'll walk to Burger King like old times when I could eat Burger King without throwing up. Those times come and go, actually.

Why do all handsome guys in pretty white dress shirts go in other doors? I'm lucky to have Architect. I think he uses this door out of habit from when he worked over here. Or, you know, because he's in love with me. He left at like 10:00, by the way, after staring at Boss's board that has "Lethal Injection" and "Use of Force" (Can you tell what Department I work for?) and other such gems scrawled all over it. Who knows when he shall return.

I was thinking it was nooner and I'd do Starbucks for lunch, but it's not even f'ing 11:00. See how time crawls without Architect.

2:30 something. He left as I was driving back from Starbucks. I'll let you determine whether we made out or not. Oh look, dudes in black suits. For some reason, everyone that comes to meet with The Architects is dressed for a funeral. How grave could discussing architecture be?

I worked on The Horrible List, by the way. It wasn't as horrible as past experiences with it have been. I also stared into the sun until that wasn't an option any longer. What was the other thing? Oh, I never made it to the fridge. The water I don't intend to drink is now warm. That makes it even less desirable. I have 90 minutes to complete that task.
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