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Like an American.

In the evenings, the sun ripples off the pool and makes waves on my bedroom ceiling. I've holed myself up in here and am gazing up at them, forever hiding away from the roommates and their friends. The roar of their voices and the idiotic television are like an ice pick in the back of my skull.

One of those days I left my room and got into it with my female roommate. She fires back at me with laser-like precision. You're lazy. You're spoiled. You're entitled. You're laughable. I feel the last of the farce that was our friendship melt away as my chest twists in pain. It must be my heart.

"Well I'm leaving!" I screamed as hot tears left my eyes and terrorized my makeup. "I'm leaving. I'm leaving all of you."

She snorted.

"I'll come with you," my boyfriend said with an earnesty I rarely see in him.

And so he holes himself up in the room with me, and then all at once it's finally us against them. We begin feverishly looking for a home to live in. By Saturday we find ourselves in Folsom, touring a house.

"No rots, no pits, no chows," I hear the property manager saying in the background as I gaze into the mirror above the his and her sinks in the bathroom. My newly caramel colored highlights fall over my eye, and i push them back, reminding myself to lose weight once I get here. Lose weight once you get here.

I wandered into the office and stared at all the boxes piled high. The current tenants weren't out yet. I can play Lana Del Rey in here, I tell myself, closing my eyes. I can play my own music like I haven't done since I lived in my father's house so long ago.

"Okay?" Suddenly the property manager is in front of me and reaching out his hand. "Monday?"

"Mmm?" I answer stupidly, hearing her voice. You make me crazy. You make me wild. Just like a baby. You spin me round like a child.

"We'll let you know Monday." he repeats.

I nod slowly and reach for his hand, shaking it harder than he intended, I'm sure. "Thank you. Thank you!"

I'll let you know Monday, too.
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