Velouria (velouria) wrote,

I Thought of You Today.

I fell asleep in my car at lunch today (and at 3:00 PM but that's beside the point). It's Autumn, technically, and today started to be a little representative of that. The orange leaves from one of the line of trees I'd parked my car under to shield myself from the sun began detaching and circling down through my open window. I reclined the seat and laid back with my arms over my eyes and saw your black eyes, flashing and blinking at me if I looked at you too long. A nervous tick? I didn't know. I felt your nearly as dark hair falling over my face as you leaned in to kiss me. Your lips hardly parted. I would teach you to kiss me, I thought, looking past my elbow up into the tree. I would open your mouth and you would do the same for my heart.

I closed my eyes and slept until you woke me up with a text and I returned to my cubicle to procure until I would see you again.
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