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I thought I should report that I'm in a better mood. I didn't fall asleep in my car or at work or any place but in bed, and I'm only down one hubcap still. I've been thinking about the things I'm grateful for - my job. It allows me to go to emergency rooms and get shot up with painkillers when my kidney stones kick in, something I'm not so grateful for, but I digress. I opened the bill the other day and it was some 13,000 dollars. My insurance paid all but $50 of it.

I'm grateful I'm moving back into a bungalow in my favorite part of town in less than a month. If I can figure out how to get my glitter cupcake lights back in working order, I can re-hang them over the window in the kitchen. See image below for said glitter cupcake lights (and my brother and some garlic):

I haven't drank(en) (drunken?) in over 9 months.

I still get puking headaches by the end of a day of procuring, but I'm able to cure them with Excedrin, which is what I've done tonight. And I can't tell you how grateful I feel coming out of a puking headache. It's the best feeling in my world.

My dad wants me to grow up and marry a doctor or a lawyer and buy property and start making sense in my life, and while I wish I could make him happy, I have to convey somehow that I can barely take a shower some days. That I'm lucky I didn't overdose on Klonopin the other night.

I'm not a victim, but I'm working with what I've got. I'm trying to get more every day.
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