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I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Everything was so nice and so warm. I wanted so badly to keep laying there until the Price is Right came on. But I've vowed to go to every class from now on. So I got up.
That girl was not there in Earth Science today. It was very sad. I had to look at rocks by myself. He had given instructions to discuss the properties of the rocks with nearby students. I thought about talking to the rock itself, but decided against it. So I just kinda spoke telapthically with it. I thought: So rock, do you hate being here as much as me? It said yes. Do you like being felt up 24 hours a day by geology students? No, says rock. The teacher interrupted me while I was spacing out staring at the rock. He asked if I had signed up for the field trip yet. I said yes. He smiled and went on. The field trip involves getting on a bus at 7:30 in the morning to go to the mountains and look at rocks. Please. So after lying, I went back to staring at the rock. I thought maybe my Canadian might call, and I would be entertained. But no. So I just kept looking at the rock.
I have turned the heater on. It is 70 something degrees outside, but I'm cold all the time. My dad would surely kick my ass if he knew I were running the heater at this momment, but alas. He is not here.
I guess it's Thursday now, isn't it. Off to work then.
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