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I got hit on by a girl last night. We were in Hot Topic and I asked her nicely if she would get the shirt off the ceiling where they had it hanging for some reason. So she does but she continues to stand around me for ten minutes talking. "Are you sure you want the medium? The small would be tighter." Medium is fine, yes thanks. "Felix the cat is so cute!" Yuh, I know that's why I want it. "If it's too big or something, or it shrinks it the dryer you can bring it back and just ask for me." I think I started crying. Fortunately someone asked her to peirce something of theirs and she had to be on her way.
I am tired. So tired. I have no business being in drugstores at 9:00 o'clock in the morning scaring old people. I am thin, sullen, dark, and old people are prone to heart attacks. They should always leave me on the night shift.
Looking at all the crappy third rate Cleopatra costumes people kept coming up to buy left me with the distinct feeling that I am dressed up like Cleopatra all the time, year round. WTF, we have the same eye makeup. Halloween is useless to me.
Also my Canadian who is leaving for a painfully long time and who may get shot never calls me. He doesn't love me anymore. =(
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