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Even for a girl, I don't communicate well.

It isn't 1:00 yet. Not at all. Oh crap, it's daylight savings time too. 1:00 will never come. I'll never fall asleep. I'm having problems falling asleep lately because there is so much shit on my bed. I woke up at 3:47 the other night because there was a pair of tweezers lodged in my ribcage. It hurt. And it was cold too. That's how I originally felt it. So I ended up flinging it in disgust and it hit the door and made this horrid clang noise.
Ooh, it's cold. The kitchen is so cold. I wish the computer were in my room. My room is always warm because I have something like five lamps, purple lights, and a space heater blasting in there all the time. It's nice. Aside from the horrible, horrible mess I have made in there. It is nice. I guess I should go clean the sharp objects off my bed. It would keep me occupied and I would benefit too.
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