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(Just Like) Starting Over

Well, it's now Spring. Sorry I haven't written in another assload of time. I've been doing nothing but working and that's not funny. Literally, there is nothing entertaining about procurement. I'll be sitting in my cube pleading with some vendor to please just initial a form stating he doesn't participate in human trafficking with Darfur so that I can give him a purchase order for a toilet, and the ladies in the next row over are shrieking and giggling and carrying on like kindgergarteners to the point that I want to redirect the pallet of duct tape I just sent from San Quentin to the office to slap over their stupid mouths.

I suppose I'm bitter that I have no fun whatsoever at work. My cube neighbor is Jesus Guy and every convo we have turns into how I need The Lord in my life. I'll ask him if the pallet on the pallet of duct tape is taxable, and suddenly, somehow, I will never be truly happy until I accept Him as my savior.

The new girl successfully managed to demote back to her old job, and now they will have to hire another doucher entirely for me to teach to order industrial shredders. I had explained that it was nessary for the governor of California himself to inspect a specimen of sample shred and approve it for purchase. It's a five-year process she didn't get very far with, so now the shred is back on my desk, fuckin up my pink decor and spilling over into the wheels of my shit chair, which is still not ergonomical GOD DAMN IT.