Velouria (velouria) wrote,

If You're Not Sunburned, You're Not Having Fun

It's almost birthday San Luis Obispo time and I couldn't even be arsed to look for a swimsuit or you know, stop eating. I guess I will just throw a tarp on and hope not to be mistaken for a goth beached whale.

The Lesbians had some old guy over that spent the night last night? Swingers.

My 2001 Canadian camportal boyfriend and Internet sensation killed himself, I think. I have no way of knowing how he died besides straight up asking someone who knows. He was 3 months older than me. Would've been turning 34 as well in December. I can't believe you died of anything other than herpes simplex.

I would say rest in peace, but you know I don't believe in any of that rotting in the ground bullshit. I know you're happy in the "7 layer burrito" (as my brother says) that is the Other Side.
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