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Since some people from Sinnocence might read this for some reason or another, no I'm not on the portals anymore. I didn't get kicked off or anything. I found out Kitty actually likes me. What's more she thinks I'm hot. Yeah so, I'm inferring that last bit. But she does like me.
I exceeded my transfer limit where my image was hosted at, and all my things went down, up to and including my cam image. This is quite the annoyance seeing as how I just rescued it from some other gay host that crashed. So I stared vacantly at my broken image for a bit, then went searching for a new host. This resulted in despair. The bottom line is I can't be on a portal that gets hit 8,000 times a day and not pay. And me pay for stuff is like haha funny. I don't make any money off my site for God's sake.
Vacant, vapid, empty comments from middle aged men were becoming numb to me. "You're funny" or "You're beautiful." So what? They don't know if I'm beautiful. They don't know anything. They don't care about anything but someone taking her clothes off on her webcam. Webcams are depraved. People forget about the people watching them, they really do. You think it's all apple pie and fruitcakes, don't you? Try being on Spotlife for five minutes -- I think I may hurl.
Uh, anyhow. I didn't mean to lecture about the evils of webcams. That's not why I left. I don't have the energy for it anymore is all. I need to put more emphasise on wonders of life such as Earth Science.
Kitty says I can come back whenever I want. And that I can even talk to her if I've still got hosting problems. In hindsight, perhaps Kitty is just trying to get in my pants. She thinks I'm some cheap piece of ass.
She knows I lurve her. And Core. And Daddy Love Bucket. And that one guy. And that other one. I'll miss you all.
(Though I must admit, I will not lose sleep at night over the loss of the naked fourteen year old).
Chib, let me back on someday too. I will dearly miss being on your camportal pimpfest too.
I can just guess the Canadian will be infuriated. But I will make it up to you dear.
Love and flowers and volkswagons and all that gay shit.
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