Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Bettie has Allergies

I think I am bipolar. I'll be having a decent couple hours at work, and the next thing I know, I want to throw one of my plastic McDonald's Happy Meal ponies at Jesus Guy as hard as I can. And the one with the unicorn, so it injures his eye.

Today, this was triggered by Gay Manager sashaying over and waving his limp wrist around dramatically whilst yelling, "Who's wearing perfume? Bettie has allergies! BETTIE. HAS. ALLERGIES!"

So I have on a half a rolly ball of Katy Perry's Killer Queen, BFD. I'm pretty sure he's more upset by the fact that I got it at Walgreens than he is about Bettie's delicate sensibilities. Maybe if I came to work in a tiny Burberry coat like his, dabbed with Chanel #5, he would leave me alone or even utter something to me other than "what are you doing with your life" when I bring him a file to review.

That question took me aback. I stood clutching my purchase order for 3,000 rolls of toilet seat covers wondering how to answer him and why I should have to anyway. What am I doing with my life? He was referencing the fact that I hadn't promoted in years and came to work looking like a (more) disheveled Patti Smith every day. How is that any of his bidness? Was he looking out for me, or just being a bitch? He doesn't know what sort of challenges I face (other than bad hair and fat assery).

Ruder than smelling like Katy Perry, IMO.
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