Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Springtime for Hitler

I hate Spring. I hate Easter. I hate Mother's Day. I fucking hate it. I wish I could go all bear-status and hibernate until October, skipping the part where I turn 35 in September while I'm at it.

Obviously I don't feel like writing about things that I'm grateful for at the moment. I am bitter and bile-filled and focusing on things like the tooth my idiot asshole orthodontist ripped out for no reason that I still can't afford to replace. Or the fact that I spent all my fun money replacing belts in a car I"m sick of driving but can't afford to give up. I can't afford any of this because I still can't get promoted because it's some sort of popularity contest I can't win.

Yesterday I was pleasant, at least. I spent it with my mostly sister-in-law persuing Sephora for highlighter and nude lipstick before ending up in Torrid shopping for thunderwear. They had plenty of them with butt-cutouts and butt-corsets and all sorts of stuff you probably shouldn't wear when you're having to shop for thunderwear, but I got them anyway in the hopes that the goth aerobics and rice cakes I've been putting myself through the last few days will pay off.

Speaking of terrible mothers and disaffected children, I'm late for my monthly, but the Dollar Tree says I'm not pregnant. I will not pay 30 dollars for Clear Blue Easy to tell me I'm not pregnant either, so I'm going to just assume I'm not pregnant. Will confirm shortly.
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