Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Somehow I'm Not Impressed

My assignment from my therapist was to write something flattering about myself instead of self-deprecating. Giving it a go, but I've taken off my hair and rolled up in my depression blanket and am staring vacantly into my vanity mirror whilst listening to morbid-ass Interpol songs, so it's going to be kind of hard.

It's my bdizzle on the third of September. I'm going to be 35. There's a whole slew of self-deprecating things I could write about THAT, but I'll refrain.

Have recently returned from Southern California to meet up with a girl who was banging a guy who banged me 10 years ago or so, or something like that. Not knowing the area, I googled occult shops she was interested in seeing and ended up dragging her to a new age dildo shop in Little Armenia. We hit up Sunset and Melrose and Malibu, but I wasn't feeling any of it. I feel like I live in a smaller, less poluted, more charming version of LA here in Nor Cal, and am not sure what the draw there is. Walls of traffic? Ugly buildings? Miles of strip malls? Meh.

Wearing a wig on the beach sucks ass. At one point, I took it off and dyked it up for a few minutes, but I won't show you those pics:


I've noticed my fangs have made a full on comeback since I abandoned the shitty retainer that made me spit all over the place. Oh well. Not being self-deprecating, I'm a vampire. I was meant to have fangs.
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