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Tidings and Joy.

Hey. It's not December yet, but I've hung up my pink hotline bling Xmas decorations errwhere. I even put up pink Xmas lights on my desktop courtesy the year 1995 and my mother. Speaking of pink, I'm motivated to lose weight by tomorrow in order to fit into the Victoria's Secret Pink flannelish shirt I picked up at a thrift store last night. I just put it on and it's squeezing the life out of my armfat and I can't move. I did manage to hold the camera up to my face and snap a pic so you could see the wig my fiance's mom gave me from the 70's. I call it the Lana Del Rey - the higher the wig, the closer to God:


I may have mentioned this last year, but white people are ruining my holidays. Thanksgiving morning, they barricaded me in my house so they could run "to feed the hungry" down every street in the vicinity amongs the homeless people casually pushing their shopping carts and dragging their starving dogs. This morning, there is a family doing their annual winter photo sesh in my front lawn. They pick up the leaves and throw them in the air and leap about. They were barely in the car leaving when my angry neighbor came out with his leafblower blowing. I had opened my blinds for some sun after all the recent rain, and promptly closed them. Fuck all that.

I made Roman Apple Cake (although not certain where the Roman part comes in) for the fam on Thanksgiving, and they actually ate it, so I guess it was edible. My Chief had given me the receipe and directions in a strange episode of her stopping outside my cubicle and talking up a storm. She asked me to text her to remind her to bring the recipe that night. I thought that kind of uncomfy, but did it anyway. I started to type, "PS. can you please promote me? I can barely afford the apples this calls for" but hit backspace instead. Sigh.

I've been watching a yule log on Comcast for like 72 hours. Sometimes they just slowly close-up on the flames and I imagine I'm in hell. Not that that takes much imagination.

I'm going to go do some jumping jacks or something so I can wear that shirt tomorrow, because I don't want to do laundry. Maybe just the top half of the jumping jacks, though, I can still fit in my pants.
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