Open Letter to Dicks.

I feel like my whole life is an open letter to dicks, but here is another one.

I am trying to live in love and light and fill myself up with contendedness so that I may share myself and whatever gifts and talents I have with others, but tonight I'm just bombarded with dicks.

An old friend of my brother's messages me with the audacity to say he wished he'd died back when he was so sick. Then he blocked me. How dare you? What is wrong with you? How much hate and fear must you have in your heart to say that to someone's sister?

So I went looking through my old messages to find why and where this had come from and came across old lovers and friends I "could not reply to," (not that I wanted to). They'd blocked me. If my memory serves, dicks, you were the ones to have hurt me. At my age now, I see you more as actors in a play, scenery on a road trip, lessons to learn from and overcome. But I guess there's no sense in playing nice when all involved have grown and changed.

The next dick I want to address in James Woods. I really liked him in Virgin Suicides ("Have you checked out back?") but I can't get over what a spiteful, venemous dick he is on Twitter. He claims to be a patriot and goes on to rage against everyone and thing in America? 

I feel like negativity can be cool if it's funny enough. I try to be that way? For instance, I was bullied into buying "3 large tomatoes" for a potluck tomorrow that I had no intention of attending, yet I do not tweet or messenger death wishes upon middle managment in retribution. I am worried I may get snappy if I'm asked to do anything further with said tomatoes, such as dice them or make them look otherwise edible. But still. Yanno what I'm saying?

I guess all the Trump racismn/misogyny/general shittery going on sets a precedent. But he's only been our leader for half a year. What is to account for 250 some years of this shittery?

Finally, I guess Woody Allen is a big dick too, but you know what? I still respect his work and his hilarious quotes. And I don't particulary respect Ted Cruz, but who gives a rat's ass if he clicked like on a porn tweet? These are politicians, artists, humans. 

We are all flawed and fucked on this rock. I'm doing the best I can, I think. I try not to be a dick anymore, nor do I tolerate dickery towards me.


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