The Valley of Unrest

It's Saturday. I have been working really hard at work. Like George W. Bush hard. As a result, I'm drained and just want to sit on my couch and listen to my "endless personalized music" stream on Youtube which occasionally contains a rogue Iron Maiden song from the BF.

Hair has grown back enough to not wear a dead-cat lookin-ass wig to work or anywhere anymore. I'm grateful.

Weather is nice. Starbucks cups are orange. Caramel pecan marshmellow pumpkin candles are available at Bath and Body Works.

I cancelled my Comcast cable and made it a life-event on Facebook. *&^%ing pricks. I neglected to pay my bill one month (because I am trash, according to my brother) and they hit me for twice the bill plus some late fees the next month with a finale of emailing me a new bill for 250 dollars to be paid by the end of the same month. Like vegetables, I'm bad at math, but I think that's like 750 dollars for cable and my Bratz lips phone that looks like a vagina which is always off the hook and on my floor for in one month? Oh and internet, but I left that on because I have to memorialize all this on the world wide web somehow. 

Hot Topic sent me a credit card out of nowhere. I was not aware that was a thing, but I'm happy to rebuild my credit with unicorn snot and fuzzy poof chokers. Thank you, Hot Topic. You won't regret this.


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