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Your mine, you just don't know it yet!

Your mine, you just don't know it yet!
Take the "What kind of Squirrel am I Test!"

At least I'm not the fat ass squirrel, Stacy. You're always a fatass of some sort. Mmmm occupying yourself by taking 'what kind of squirrel tests are you' is great. Anything to keep from thinking is great. The less time I spend thinking, the less time I spend lying in bed pounding my fists on pillows and choking on sobs. Squirrel tests are great for this. Besides, I actually like squirrels. Unlike other people who are selfish dicks who get off on inflicting pain.
Squirrels run up and down trees and dart in and out of traffic and eat nuts and sport bushy tails and look cute.
The same can't be said for selfish asshole dickheads.
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