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Dude, I'm Getting a Dell.

My cat knocked my ASUS laptop off the dresser a couple months ago, and it was destroyed upon impact with my hardwood floor. I ordered an old Dell laptop of ebay so I could write more this year without hunching over the Ikea endtable PC in the corner by the drafty window. Maybe I'll have more positive things to say from my position on the couch, or in bed, or maybe one day I'll actually put on pants and go to a coffee shop with my laptop and drink chai and study. Jaykay jaykay, I don't drink tea and I can't concentrate on anything longer than an headline (if it has an accompanying picture).

Trying to drink water at present. Got some Arrowhead thinking it might taste better than my "Big Win" water from Rite Aid, but no. Not really. It still is missing corn syrup and red dye and I literally wince when I take a swig like most people would do taking a nasty shot of something alcoholic. "Big Win" reminds me of something stupid our current president would say about meeting with the supreme leader of North Korea. This morning I heard he may not be president much longer, mercifully. I never thought I would miss George W., but now I do. Trump makes me look back upon 9/11 with great fondness.

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