Velouria (velouria) wrote,

Talking to the Moon

New moon in Capricorn and a solar eclipse this cold & stormy night in January. I haven't done a new moon "dot" or "line" if you count my cat sitting beside me in, well, many moons. I call it the dot or line because it's just us. I used to go to new and full moon circles but just can't be arsed lately. Plus I had made a friend there and she just deleted me one day after we'de done coffee and she'd dragged me to a belly dancing class where I'd nearly lost my life trying to belly dance. I am not sure what I'd done to warrant the deletion aside from dance badly with heavily labored breathing. I think maybe she thought we were dating and we'de failed to make out after a few "dates." So, I don't really want to see her again because awkward. I shouldn't let that ruin moon circles for me, but really I can light candles and sage and resolve to let things go and do new things from here. So:

I intend to (although may not):

  • walk on my breaks instead of work through them

  • drink water in the mornings instead of soda

  • eat lighter at lunch so as to avoid losing all will to be conscious from 1:00 - 4:30 PM.

  • measure out food for myself and my cat so we aren't shoving pasta and Fancy Feast into our faces with reckless abandon

  • leave my hair alone so that it can continue to grow back and out

  • rely upon myself and not others for contentment

The best thing we ever did in a moon circle was plant a sunflower seed in a plastic cup and bless it with love and prosperity. To my surprise it flourished at home for a few months until I somehow managed to kill it. Here it is on the right with my fairy house and garden gnome (who later died during a battle with a gigantic wasp nest in the awning when he was stepped on and crushed in the chaos).

Maybe when the Spring rolls around again, I can get a new gnome and a new sunflower seed and they will actually live.
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