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Hello. Happy March. As promised, it's 'in like a lion." Still storming off and on. Last week I was home sick from work with Bronchitis (a winter-long affliction, it seems) and had time to watch the rain and through the screen with Yoda. 

We also watched a documentary on the mind body connection on Netflix called 'Heal.' One of the most striking things from it was the topic of aligning your mind and body with your soul. You see, I have been reading and hearing about how I need to do that for the last 20 years, but no one ever really said *how.* A man whos name escapes me at the moment said that you can think positively all you want, but if you do not *feel* happy or positive, it will not help. I have long thought the same.

What he said is that you need to somehow put yourself in a position so that you *feel* better, happy, or positive, and that then your thoughts are likely to improve, which in turn could allow you to heal or overcome your illness.

To achieve a happier feeling, I am doing small things in my offtime like pinning pretty things on Pinterest, drawing the 7 chakras with my scented markers, laying down oracle cards on my bedspread, and reading 'Unicorn Your Life' (see: https://www.kobo.com/my/en/ebook/unicorn-your-life) on my laptop.

I am also reading Gabor Mate's (this is a good article on his work: https://www.thefix.com/dr-gabor-mate-trauma-underlying-stigma-addiction-interview) books on emotional trauma and resulting addiction, and he says to think of the word 'stress' as you would in terms of a steel bridge. Stress is a condition which warps the steel, just as stress in the human world will warp you physically. You just cannot always see it happening, but it is still happening.

Next month is my 6-year sobriety from alcohol anniversary. This year I am working on cutting down my daily calories, and recording what I eat on MyFitnessPal. I hope to start shedding pounds soon, but will settle for feeling better in this moment.


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