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Electronic Waste

Ashamed in advance 
for what I might do
to gain your affection
for you to approve

You're chatting with me
and I'm falling in love
I feel a connection
You're sent from above

But that's not the case
It isn't the truth
You're here to exploit me
I'm here to be used

I see the blue ring
of my webcam light up
I tell you hello
But you say hurry up

Say that you love me
Say that we'll meet
Say that you'll drive here
Or buy a plane seat 

Your wife's in the next room
Your kids are asleep
I feel like a whore
And you're just a creep

I'm electronic waste
Hard drive can't be found
Press escape to restart
But I just spin around

I'm only an android
About to expire
Like tears in the rain
Like flames in a fire

A 404 error
I'm seized by the Feds
I'm discolored and rusted
And laced with cobwebs

But one day you find me
And you dust me off
And you go to kiss me
And feel such a shock

Because I have a heartbeat
And I am not dead
A current runs through me
Despite what I said

Because I am a human
A real live girl
And since you can't see this
You must leave my world