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It's all I ever needed.

The daft new girl at work voluntered to take over my shift for me, then she calls in sick. What the fuck?
I pretty much hate girl co workers. I hate how they're always trying to talk to me while I'm standing there staring into space. Worse still, when they want to go to lunch with me. God no. I only go to work so that I can spend that one lunch hour passed out in my car. I do not by any means want to sit in Taco Bell while you tell me about who you are sleeping with and what I ought to do with my hair. This is just evidence that you are in fact talking about my hair amongst yourselves while I'm not around. But fine with me. As long as I'm not involved somehow.
I'm being too evil. It's not that I severly dislike these girls, I'm just not interested in their incessant babble.
I'm writing about work for manager SCOT COVEYOU'S amusement 'cause he stalks me.
I always wished this song were "My Stereo and You", then I'd be able to identify with it more. Who needs a TV. Except possibly to watch Aflack Insurance commercials on.
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