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January 26th, 2014

Pretty in Pink

As you know, I'm moving in less than a week. I've gone batshit crazy thinking of ways to decorate it, first of which is having a friend paint my bedroom walls "Pink Chintz"


She said I didn't have to help, I just had to feed her, and she didn't want to eat any "crap" like pizza, but real food like fruits and veggies. :| I have some gummie vitamins for adults I'm thinking of providing her.

People always tell me I look younger than 32, well on Vampire Freaks anyway, and are always asking my secret. I shrug and say it's just immaturity. I think that's illustrated in my following two electronical devices.



At one point, I drug my poor niece to Ikea (after driving past West Sac into some swamps of sadness) and shopped for aesthetic pleasers.



I'm in love with the birdcage lantern. I have nowhere to hang it from and I could possibly light myself on fire with it like all the rest of my candles, but it sure is purty.