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June 18th, 2014

Rest in Peace

I am desperately attempting not to wear pajamas from the moment I get home at 4:45 PM til the moment I pass out in a Unisom (I'm no longer allowed Klonopin) stupor at some 6:30 in the evening. Yes, I'm wearing the clothes I wore to work and it's 7:22 PM. I'm awake and still breathing, even. I have a feeling I quit doing so and die multiple times throughout the night. I've no proof of this, however. No tunnels, lights, beings who give a shit, etc. It's just a hunch.

I'm trying to keep myself occupied in my clothes. Words with Friends. MTV's Catfish (I, too, have often wondered if I'm really having an online relationship with Kari Ann Peniche). Laundry, dishes, a friend is having a baby shower Friday. Fuck. She's registered at Baby's R Us (R is actually backwards, not sure how to do that on this keyboard) which is way out in Roseville, and like the crotchety old curmudgeon I am, I have no interest in driving to Roseville. Now I have to do it after work tomorrow which will REALLY put my pajama experiment to the test.I can't promise I won't immediately come home and scramble into a wife-beater whilst shoving a fistful of Unisom in my mouth. The drive to Roseville really sucks, okay?