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October 1st, 2014

Well I Wonder

A promotional exam I took recently plastered my username all over the results that I must attach when applying for jobs. I googled it and found myself expressing what a drunk I am and reviewing books on suicide. Nothing says prospective employee like that.

I really wonder what I'd be happy doing for a living. Or if I'd be happy, period. I wasn't happy before I was working. I hated school. I was a miserable child. What is it that will make me happy? My father tells me my work, and my ability to give and recieve love are what it boils down to. I believe he quoted Shakespeare or Socrates or someone from Bill and Ted. Well shit, I've failed at those.

Everyone tells me to take some time for me. To make myself happy from within and not depend on someone else to do it. "Join a gym" I hear five times a day. Because the gym makes me so happy, yeah. That's another entry entirely. I find myself smiling when exchanging witty banter with someone, but that then falls on another person, right? A vendor I work with, Shannon, "the guy with the girl's name" according to his signature, sent me a quote on training DVD's and apologized for the "Magnum PI mustaches about" This caused me to laugh like a hyena and reply that he had better get me my laminated safety posters as well, so as to assure that no one succumbs to heat exhaustion or gets run over by a forklift on my watch. "...or is paid unfairly by federal standards!" he responded.

My sister says I should ask how his weekend went. I say, no, I'm never asking a dude how his weekend went or to marry me ever again.