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November 3rd, 2014

And a Ways to Go

Monday night. 8:00 something. Not heard from dude. Searching through "alternative" ringtones to replace my current one of Ghostbusters and the intro to 311's Weightless is on there. The lead guitar is so beautiful. It reminds me of the couple of times Isacc played for me. I talking about music and guitar pedals. I miss him.

My neighbor keeps bothering me to come over and tell her about my date. I haven't the energy the last couple of days. I get some hope and then go back into a depressive stupor when whatever it was I'd planned doesn't work out.

But tonight it suddenly struck me as ridiculous to go searching online or elsewhere for someone to have children and spend the rest of my life with. I need to cool it right now. If that means laying in my bed at night watching Golden Girls and crying, I guess that's what I'll do.