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November 19th, 2014

The General Specific

I am dating a (the Day of the Dead) guy and he can't ever get away from his kid. Nor does he want me around his kid, apparently. I'm sort of offended. I got along pretty well with Isacc's six year old. He called me Caween and we'de watch Spiderman videos on my laptop together. I guess I am just the chick this guy's banging once a week, or something. I don't know. He brought movies and ice cream with him last time, but I had already fallen asleep waiting for his kid to fall asleep. We then both fell asleep on my couch, which is not conducive to two people being on it, and I fell off of it. It woke both us up long enough to bang at least.

He left the RedBox movies at my house Monday night, so I asked him if he wanted me to return them or if he was going to come back in the near future. He said to return them. :| So never having used Redbox, I spent about fifteen minutes trying to stuff them back in it by my work today, not realizing I had to hit "return" on the machine first. I'm sure it's on camera.

So this leaves me with ample time to be alone in the evenings, which is not ideal. I joined a gym but now it's cold and raining and shit, and I just want to go home and light candles, listen to Lana Del Rey and pin pictures of Nick Hexum on my Pinterest under the "would do" category. But that does get old, and then I text Dude and that goes nowhere cause he's helping his kid with his homework. I could do that, as long as it isn't fractions. And it's probably not because the kid's six and this isn't China. But he's staying with his mom at present, having recently broken up with the kid's mother after eight years and moved down from Pollock Pines. ("Oh he must be in a great place," my brother commented).

My brother's not in a great place. He's in the hopsital awaiting a heart transplant. Each time I visit him, he motions for me to give him whatever drink I'm holding. Last time it was a praline latte from Starbucks. "This is gross. What's wrong with you?" I explained that I was giving all their holiday drinks a try. The next one on the list is that eggnog latte. I'm looking forward to his face when he gets that one. Last year I asked if they could make it a mocha instead and then I nearly puked it up in the parking lot. It was a little much. Today I had an egg salad sandwich from the gas station, and I nearly revisted the puking in the parking lot thing. I powered through it though. You see, I hoped to utilize the gym to cancel out these sort of things. Haven't accomplished that yet.