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It is time.

Tomorrow (September 3rd) is my birthday.
I think I subconsciously let my license expire to thwart the efforts of my two older sisters at going out and getting me drunk. Turning 21 isn't going to inspire me to drink. As a wise friend said, "What do you weigh, 80 pounds? All you'd have to do is open a bottle of vodka and take a whiff of it to get completely hammered."

Thanks for calling and waking me up again Matt. I'll consider that a happy birthday call even though I know you have no idea. When you woke me up and said, "Hey, I miss you, eh?" I thought that you were my ex thing. I thought that I could now close a chapter in my life and stop living in turmoil. No. But it was still sweet. It's nice that you miss me Canadian.

I've told so many people I want a gerbil pig for my birthday. I hope it doesn't backfire. I can only handle one. Two at most.
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