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A million people come and go.

Why is it I have to do so much goddamn group work in all my classes? I get up. I put my face on. I drive to school up a hill in the snow for a half hour. I walk " " for a half hour to the class just to be told to "break off into groups and discuss".

Fuck you! I don't want to talk to these incompotent goons. Like they know what the fuck we're supposed to be taking away from the readings? Why don't you do your job and teach something? We don't know shit. We don't want to talk about it. We don't talk about it. I for one, try not to cry. Everyone else discusses the "chick who looked like Anna Kornikova on the tenis courts yesterday" and their plans to nail her.

Anyway, I just saw a JC Penny's commercial advertising their must have fall wardrobe. One of the articles was a "buttery soft suede vest". I can't imagine enduring the entire fall season without that, so I'd better go jump on it.

That's largely true.
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