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It's 3 am, I must be lonely.

A lady said, "Thanks for all your help with loading my things into my cart," as she loaded all her things into her cart and I waited on the incredibly huge line of people. I said, "You're welcome." She kept saying it.
I said, "No problem." Eventually I ran out of replies besides "die you fucking bitch," which just isn't company policy. So I kept quiet.

It's Christmas in retail. Actually, it has been since August. At least I can live off of the candy until January hits, and I then begin living off of Valentines day candy. After that, I starve. There's this whole lacking Groundhog/St Patrick's day period. For some reason, we don't celebrate groundhogs and leprechauns with candy. Beats me.

I have become alienated from my psuedo friends. The skank aquired some lesbian lover in in MY state and quit talking to me. Stacy did the same thing, I think. Matt's too afraid of his girlfriend to speak to me. And finally, I offended An-thay causing him to kill himself in his bathtub. (I assume).

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