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I'm not going to class tomorrow because the alternator has gone out on the car for the third time in six months. I'm so emotionally drained by the antics of the alternator/alternators that I have no trace of whatever it was left in me that caused me to cajole a ride off my sister or contemplate taking the bus as in the last two times.
I only have the ability to lie in bed and cry violently. For some reason, I'm never too aenemic/malnourished to cry in a violent manner, but only to succeed less than half assedly at everything I have ever attempted.
I saw High Fidelity. I enjoyed it. A sarcastic music elitist talks to himself for two hours about his failed relationships. Good stuff. Now if only I can get to Blockbuster before noon on March 8th to bring it back.
It will take me the entire week to convince myself that getting out of bed before noon to do this is worth it.
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