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Today a lady shouted, "Colleen! Our day is upon us!" so loudly and so out of nowhere that I fumbled with her unwieldy jug of wine and nearly dropped it on the scanner.
Our, huh? What?
Oh, right. Our day. Our day of Irish celebration that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME WHATSOVER.
What kind of cruel joke is it to name a Scottish girl something Irish? Maybe I wouldn't be so insulted if I was just your run of the mill mutt. But I take offense each time someone bellows, "You must be Irish!" at me and then looks crushed when I tell them otherwise. Worse is when the look of utter disappointment transforms into that of scorn, as if I'm some sort of evil impostor parading around as an Irish person.
Well what gives you assholes the right to buy shamrock shaped napkins? Nothing!
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