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HEY! ithinkiloveyou

Is it the Skank who makes random comments in my journal that I can't trace? If so, just reactivate one of your thirty accounts, you e-tard. Stop making my life harder. I'm very, very easily confused. If I were a gerbil pig, I would not make it to the end of a maze to find a piece of cheese. Love cheese though I may, I'd get lost and starve due to my poor vision, complete lack of navigational skills, and motivation deficit disorder. If it got too twisty, I'd stop and complain in gerbil pig language (if it exists) and fall asleep.
In other completely unrelated babbling, my brother heard a Jefferson Starship song wafting from the radio and refused to believe that Jefferson Starship had morphed out of Jefferson Airplane. When he was finally convinced, his face became pallid and drained of life as if his future was now mapped out for him, and it could do nothing but suck. This may have killed his spirit.
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