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You know, it says Event: directly above where I am to be writing stuff. But I so rarely have an event to report. I don't think bitching about other people counts as an event. Does it? Today, I thought about how much I hate mankind and expressed desire for some of them to die. I guess that's an event.
Hmm. Events, events. This morning - well it's still morning, even here in the future - earlier this morning I turned on Stefan's computer and wandered into the bathroom to begin making some huge mess I would have to pick up by noon. Seconds later I hear the soothing sounds of Arnold Schwarzenegger bellowing,
"GOOOOOOO, RUUUUUUUN. GET TO THE CHOPPPPPAAAA," shaking the foundation of the building and causing me to drop all sorts of substances.
When I start up my computer, it sounds like the beginning of Van Halen's Jump. When I illegally start up my brother's computer, it sounds like the end of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But I'm not used to computers starting up with Arnold's advice to get in a chopper so as to avoid a Predator. But I like it. It reassures me that I shall be voting for him as governor when I get back to California.
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