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S is for Suicide.

Three people accosted me since reluctantly getting out of bed at 8 am.
Would I like to make a donation to the American Heart Association? No. Can I give directions to the DMV? No. How did I do that?
Do what?
Get so damn gorgeous.
I don't know. That's a good question. I haven't showered in two days and I haven't eaten in two weeks. My clothes are falling off me, but not in an attractive manner. In fact, now I'm convinced he was making fun of me. That or he was simply incoherent from alcoholism and interrupted in brain patterns by his gold tooth tuning in various signals.
All this after meandering around a room identifying various species of dead, taxedermy-fied birds who all manage to look the same to me. I think I've had my fill of handling deceased animals, their brains, etc. in my college career. My favorite is the red tailed hawk feeding on the badly decomposed bunny rabbit. Who is it that saw this and was struck with the urge to preserve it for all eternity? I hope they meet the same ends.
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