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Dye Job Abortion

I tried dying my hair to a darker brown. Now there's patches of black on the bottom and the same old brown on the top. What the fuck. I don't know whether to blame this on my incompetence or Revlon. Nowhere on the box did it mention turning parts of my hair black and not affecting other parts. Plus the stuff reeked and burned my head. Thanks.

I knew this would happen, but I did it anyway. It was an "I have nothing else to live for, why not?" sort of moment. The only risk involved is in the event that I died and was not mangled so badly that someone saw fit to have an open casket funeral for me. Attendees would be standing over my coffin frowning about the two discordant tones in my hair.

I'm going to shave my head to eliminate further woe, and while I am at it I hope to accidentally sheer my entire head off with the effect of eliminating the hassles associated with being alive.
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